Pair of Porcelain de Paris panels Hogarths Marriage a la Mode


A pair of porcelain de Paris panels after Hogarth's 'marriage a-la-mode', each mounted in carved gilt wood frames. size H 5100mm (20") W 230mm (9"). 'Marriage A-la-Mode' was the first of Hogarth's satirical moralising series of engravings that took the upper echelons of society as its subject. The paintings were models from which the engravings would be made. The engravings reverse the compositions. The story starts in the mansion of the Earl Squander who is arranging to marry his son to the daughter of a wealthy but mean city merchant. It ends with the murder of the son and the suicide of the daughter. The first panel depicts Hogarth's painting number 1- The Marriage settlement & the other depicting painting number 2 entitled ' The tete a tete' both dated about 1743. These two pictures have a floral patterned band up the front side leading to a unknown coat of arms that are not on the original paintings.-WEIGHT 10KG - 2300

All pictures, paintings, prints, Frames & tapestries are described condition wise as honestly and professionaly as possible. Marks or defections that are not may be reflections on the glass surfaces of the individual item due to conditions in the studio.

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